Month 4? How did we go from Week 2 to Month 4?

I apologize for the lack of updates. The problem is I had NOTHING to write about salt therapy for the last couple of ¬†months. I said from the beginning that there isn’t anything we can really qualify or quantify about the salt treatments; we just have to do it long term and look back at the process and look forward at the eventual results. So here are the observations I have made in the last 4 months of salt treatments:

  • E does seem clearer on a regular basis. She usually has a lot of throat clearing daily because of sinus drip. We hear that only rarely now.
  • We did hear a bit more throat clearing when we were on vacation for 5 days. Away from the salt booth…throat clearing…maybe there’s a link?
  • E also had a really bad cold back in April. Usually colds make polyps grow. She coughed a lot with that virus, but her nose didn’t seem to be as stuffy as usual with a cold. Now, it could be that that particular virus didn’t include a lot of head congestion. Or maybe the salt helped?
  • We still don’t know if that last cold made her grow polyps. She goes back to ENT in 2 weeks, so I will update the progress then.

Medical Disclaimer

Salt Therapy-Month 4

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